executive officer opr bulletsexecutive officer opr bullets

executive officer opr bullets executive officer opr bullets

- Organizational master! PAS CODE 7. Led 4-mbr mil/civ tm; boosted cybersecurity posture/4 Sq--earned Gp's Amn/NCO Info Dom wins - Performed TPC checks f/2 clinics; verified DoD eligibility f/420 pts--MTF recaptured $52K f/unfunded prgms - Front ofc sec lead; ensured SIPR access/passed 30 visit requests--ldrs cleared f/17 classified mtgs/0 violations/delays - Filled E-7 billet for 45 days; led 3 offices/14 enl/8 officer--key to PACAF's most dynamic tactics/training/intel prgms - Exceptional supervisor; mentored 11 Amn in financial security--prepared Flt mbrs for nat'l economic downturn DAFSC 5. Fly, Fight and Win AFI 36-2406, Officer & Enlisted Evaluations Systems AFRC OPR/EPR Writing Guide, April 2013 AFH 36-2905, The Tongue and Quill Forms: New Performance Report Forms (as of 1 Jan 14) AF 707 (Lt thru Col) AF 910 (AB thru TSgt) AF 911 (MSgt thru CMSgt) New Airman Comprehensive Assessment Forms (as of 1 Jul 14) (formally performance feedback) - Ex COLD SNAP PDF mbr; verified mobility rcrds/mng'd discr rpt--readied 245 deployers for warfighter msn - Supervised det manning; led ofc during 30% change in 2 mos--acquired/trained 3 prsnl/in-tune w/ A3/TRSS priorities - Revamped DSG meal chit sys; combined multiple docs into single source document--reduced processing time 53% - Assisted CS w/no-notice urinalysis; gathered 200 samples/4 positive results--supported AF zero tolerance drug policy - Initiated flt Mthly Amn boards/NCO mentor crse; 1st prgm in 7 yrs--garnered 8 Sq/Gp/Wg Amn/Civ winners - Escorted 230 OCNs & 30 vehs through VSA; ensured safe transports--guaranteed 0 sec incidents/protected 3.6K CFs - Oversaw UPC hires; coordinated with CC, CPO & AFPC for critical cluster package--met CSAF/SECAF's #1 intent - Invaluable CSS exp; reviewed/processed 70+ performance reports in 1 mth--reduced processing time 50%, - Knowledgeable/reliable; was hand picked to work at the BITC due to low manning--ensured base msn success, - Lead CPR Instructor & Fitness Program Manager; trained 15+ PTLs; maintained 100% FA program compliance - Led 4 DEERS VOs; oversaw 2.8K IDs issuance & dependent enrlmnt--secured $2.5M medical benefits uninterrupted - Add'l Duties: UCC/DDRP/Civilian pay/Sec mgr/AtHoc/LeaveWeb/CSL/UFPM/UPM/Quarters notices/Recall Roster, - Mng's Commander's prgms including Evals/Decs/Leave/Fitness/Sponsor/Duty status/Trusted Agent f/64 mil/civ prsnl - Oversaw DoD Name-in-System pgm; monitored 500 taskings/700 LNR--cleared 1.2K Amn/spt'd 5 COCOMs/3 AORs - Steadfast oversight as Wing SAPM! EPRBullets.com Contact admin@eprbullets.com. - Flt "Amn of Month" board president; led 3-mbr panel/upheld process integrityrecognized flt's best of the best 2.2Battalion Executive Officer Executive Officer for a Military Police Battalion forward deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 04-06, Baghdad, Iraq, comprised of 10 company sized units with 1400 Soldiers. - Directed semi-annual tool kit inspection; identified/corrected <50 discrepancies--aided 90% QA pass rate Organized 2d qtr sq Amn/NCO/BTZ boards; reviewed pkgs--2 BTZ stripes awarded 6.5 OPR Backside Bullets--Last lines 9 6.5.1. (PPT) Clarification Of Fitness Reporting On Officer And Enlisted Evaluations : Updated guidance for the 08 Calendar Year. - Authored 2 EPRs & 3 awd pkgs for Flt mbrs; garnered recognition on Sq & Gp levels--set Arnn up for success, - Backfill'd AFCENT/FM CMSgt role f/5 mos; Enl Mgr f/11 sites/59 prsnl, pav'd way fwd f/local FM spt--SMSgt now! - Corrected 12 Amn/officer discipline/legal issues; networked w/four base/local agencies--enforced AF policy, - Corrected bldg fire alarm malfunction; worked with base fire dept in isolating damage--prevented bldg damage - Systematized Gp Staff Mtg slides; maint'd current info from flt to gp lvl--enhanced ldrshp alignment w/ Wg Priorities, - Tackled 3 MBA courses; amassed 3.0 GPA/18 credit hrs shy of degree-- honed skills to manage unit $2.2 mil budget - Aggressively monitored ofc TRs; dvlp'd procedures to update MilPDS suspense actions-- repeats cut by 90% - Content Manager for group SharePoint/Portal sites; updates data & administers persmissions for assigned users, - Civilian Pay Timekeeper; monitor/manages time cards for multiple units within ATAAPS to ensure system's integrity - Superb motivator; vaulted production/support effort--helped wg achieve 1.1K sorties/5.6K flying hours, FY13 - Handpicked to fill SNCO vacancy; upheld unit standards f/100 prsnl--demonstrat'd ldrshp abilities/0 msn degradation - Organized MXS/CC call; coor'd time/location for eight briefings--climate survey/critical info delivered to Sq REASON FOR REPORT 6. - CSS CC for AMC's lgst OSS; supervises 6 Civ/12 enlisted--runs 63 prgms f/Gp/5 Sqs/881 Mil/53 Civ/94 Contractors - Executed $315K TDY dispersal; provided funds/orders 396 prsnl/27 locations--completed PACOM & CENTCOM lines 1A4X1 Airborne Operations. Enter contributions below and click Send. - Team oriented; helped set-up & tear down stage at unit change of command ceremony--lauded by 51 LRS/CC, - Teamed w/ SFS; added Defense Biometric ID System registration station in MPS--one-stop shop for customers - Processed over 200 patient records requests at 452 AMDS clinic; enforced 100% HIPPA compliance standards, - Propelled sect unity/processes/15 mbrs; attend'd 4-day PCMH crse--garnered 100% EOC test/2 creds f/CCAF Outstanding ldr, sprinting past peers, groom f/ldrshp; ready Flt/CC now--perfect for PDE soonest! - Board president over qrtly awd board; mngd 3 mbrs/interviewed 6 nominees--ensured fair selection process, - Breathed new life into section; made transition to B-2 platform transparent--considered a national stealth asset - Revitalized CSS training pgm; org d 10 trng sessions/taught 4 prsnl--ensured current databases in >1 vs 5 day AF std o supervised operations of clerical and human resources for the entire Battalion of more than 16,000 soldiers; achieved 100% compliance with Directorate Of Information Management (DOIM) for the 1st time in Battalion history, o worked to enrich others and impart his technical and tactical knowledge to subordinates and peers alike; improved all tangible readiness metrics, o served for six months as Acting Commander, HHC 103d BEB; maintained standards, enforced discipline, and sustained readiness, o demonstrated self-development to improve the organization; set the example for all Soldiers, NCOs, and officers; gained the respect of Soldiers and leaders at all levels, o led his battalion through successful disaster responses to Hurricanes Matthew, Irma, and Michael and returned a warfighter focus to the battalion through rigorous field training, o collaborated with the BDE S3 shop to develop HHD's 5-year training plan; incorporated changes that will reduce reliance on outside agencies and save over $100,000 a year, o provided the needed experience to ensure the unit met the time line given to complete the operation; achieved mission success while sustaining regular scheduled training, o created the required documentation, processed, and turned-in over $2 million worth of excess Brigade equipment without loss; regained over $233,000 in unit funds, o led a senior Brigade staff through a challenging Annual Training period with elements scattered throughout Fort Indiantown Gap; guided participating units to success, o implemented the most effective company level training program within the Battalion; surpassed all benchmarks of strength management during his tenure as Company Commander, o supported two unscheduled and unexpected Distinguished Visitor missions to include the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Land Forces leadership; restored joint operations, o delegated effectively; reduced workload in HQ section while simultaneously empowering team leaders across the unit, o oversaw two state mobilizations and multiple training events during TY 2020; his mission-first approach increased unit proficiency in less than 12 months, o led a headquarters company command through significant pre-mobilization challenges; overcame a variety of obstacles to achieve 94% readiness, o exploited the talents of a diverse team of civilains and Soldiers; increased integration of effort increased productivity by 30%, o led a company of engineers through a difficult post deployment period; successfully integrated deployed and stay-behind Soldiers upon their return, o showed a strong leadership presence among the Family Readiness Group; established and maintained a sense of stability and calmness throughout his tenure as Commander, o led Soldiers with extraordinary integrity and never avoided a challenge; groomed his Soldiers for success, o implemented an effective physical fitness program; achieved a 100% pass rate for the unit for both the APFT and Army Height/Weight standards, o embodied professionalism and commitment to the mission by ensuring that Soldiers under his supervision were accounted for, fit for duty, and met Army standards, o collaborated with USARCENT G37 and the 77th Combat Aviation Brigade; facilitated the arrival and integration of over 150 participating Coalition troops. - Base inprocessing manager; conducted weekly briefings/updated sponsor notices--1.5K mbrs gained expertly - Managed Wg LeaveWeb program; validated 2K requests/served 2.8K base users--transactions 99% error free Command Chief Executive Assistant EPR Examples. - Tm'd w/ Family Readiness, distr'd deployment info & coord Yellow Ribbon events f/ 200 mbrs/families; incr'd readiness Medical EPR/OPR Bullet Examples. - Rallied/motivated section; achieved 8 acft w/in 5 LO backlog days--met MXG/CC goal for 1st timepromote - Responsible for USPACOM Strategic Planning & Policy staff actions w/ Components, GCCs, FCCs, JS & OS - CSB/REDUX program POC; 50 eligibles briefed on entitlements--ensured 100% accuracy w/$1.5M dispersed, - DEERS Site Security Mgt; issued 120 ID cards/dependent enrollments--spt'd 4.5K cust/secured $20K DoD sys eqpmt Administered an aggressive ground safety program which resulted in a perfect Zero Lost Work Days record for FY-10. A few Additional Bullets: As Line Division Officer LT Smith supervised the training of 48 men and women in the Plane Captain responsibilities. - Directly supports Commander, coordinating and scheduling MS Outlook calendar of all front office activities, - Manages all Wing publications and forms development, design, control, storage, lifecycle, and dissemination - Eagerly took advantage of opportunities to further technical competence; attended AF Avionics conference - Operates and maintains squadron SharePoint website, reviewing and managing policies/publications correspondence - Led PIF overhaul; mng'd digital upgrade f/754 docs/streamlined EPR prcs--enabled geo-sep supervisor viewing capes, - Led Trusted Agent Drug Demand Reduction prgrms; enforced strict 2hr timeline--80 mbrs test'd w/100% compliance select a word in column #1 to go with a word in column #2. example: outstanding manager . - Updated 5 AEFI changes via MilPDS; aligned mbrs in bands//UTCs--solidified 100% rotational integrity f/11 GSUs - Selected CAST lead; facilitated multiple agency collaboration for AD casualty/wounded--seamless operations - Ensured all Amn trained on SAPR issues; briefed w/ weekly safety brief--reduced obstacles to msn accomplishment - Participated in Sq/CC CoC setup/teardown; positive first impression of Sq for new CC-event 100% success Enter contributions below and click Send. - Rehab'd 3 Sq security prgms; val'd 84 access requests/guard'd 11 SIPR/Wg Ops Cntr--secur'd troop mvmnt/PL-2 assets - Opportunist; mastered impromptu eval training; XX raters trained-- processed evals increased XX% monthly, - Base admin chief, developed tng for records mgt, pubs, forms mgt, and special orders--increased pers qual 50%, - Supervised 4 Amn in UGT; average of 50% OJT core tasks completed in 4 mths--exceptional CDC score/95%, - Multi-faceted trainer; 6 new Airmen learned to update 2 different systems--enhanced coworker tech knowledge, - Resourceful--obtained two scarce regional RMS training slots--saved $7000, increased flight personnel qualifications, - 78th ABW leave monitor; validated 654 requests error-free/reconciled duty status--upheld 100% prsnl accountability, - Managed leave program; authorized/reconciled 2.5k leave/PTDY requests--enriched unit productivity/Amn resiliency, - Managed Wg LeaveWeb program; validated 2K requests/served 2.8K base users--transactions 99% error free, - Dual hatted CCS/CSS; XX awds/XX decs/X PRFs/XX taskers--best awd win rate in 6 yrs/rpt time incrs'd 45%, - Reviewed/coordinated 235 evals/45 decs/verified 2K spt docs--achieved 98% process rate, exceeded HAF standards, - Rvw'd/corrected 132 EPRs, 20 decs; reduced backlog & review time by <2 days--98% on time processing rate to FSS, - Spearheaded cmd staff awards prgm; vetted all HQ staff pkgs--ensured recognition of all mil/civ personnel, - Reviewed/revised 35 evals/22 decs/100 docs for jnt service mbrs--100% on-time rate, error free w/0 delay, - Drove NAF/Group award programs for 1.5K amn & civ's--recognized 250 nominations & id'd 64 superior performers, - Phenomenal oversight! - Manged Sq. CSS Commander - Reconstructed 12 erroneous enlistment contracts; rectified MilPDS/PRDA integrity--secured $285K payments <2mths - Augmented base passport section--led weekly briefings/mailouts/applications/photo; saved $2.8K in manhours, - Authorized/mng CVR Teams access; secured Sensitive & PII data--promoted seamless ops transition for 155 staff mbrs. - Directly supports/advises POTUS, VPOTUS, SecAF, CSAF & CMSAF staff on sensitive close-hold personnel issues - Oversaw establishing SCRIU USAFE supply point; coordinated stand-up; 40 assets in theater ready for war! Go to the EPR Bullets or EPR Bullets by AFSC websites. - Tracked SSgt SCOD; updated 11 TIG/TIS promotion eligibles via MilPDS--ensured AIRPS mbrs promoted on-time, - Training streamlined transition of newly assigned airmen to their workcenters, reduced qualification time by 50%, - UCC Team Chief; led 8-prsn tm/4 base-wide exercise/2 real-world events--sustained 100% accountability of 780prsnl Consult The Tongue and Quill for additional questions . - Manages ARCNET, performs review of unit training prgm, and ensure ancillary training requirements are met timely - Managed leave program; authorized/reconciled 2.5k leave/PTDY requests--enriched unit productivity/Amn resiliency, - Managed MDG SharePoint webpage; assisted site users/contributors--streamlined flow of info for 250+ pers - Coordinates w/ 143 SR & 14 ML senior mil/civ ldrs assigned to the NCR on 40 personnel pgms, policies/procedures, - Primary AROWS-R order specialist and UTAPS manager responsible for maintaining status and participation EPRBullets.com Contact admin@eprbullets.com. - Authored/published SOP's f/ GPC pgm; provided guidance to cardholder-caps enhanced 30%/ reversed branch trends - Delivered 3 Bundles for Babies briefs--informed 36 families on DEERS benifits--relieved new parents anxiety - Oversees UIF process, grp in/out processing; GTC prgm mgr, grp urinalysis & fire evac accountability monitor, - Painstakingly digitized 800 Special Needs records--devoted 120 hours--increased space utilization 25% - Orchestrated ECX summit comms; connected 1.5K prsnl/spt d 300 hrs prep f/$4.5B portfolio showcase--rec'd AFAM! - Accountable for timeliness, accuracy, and maintenance of published content to Air Force Portal and SharePoint - Aggressively vetted 864 AF FORM 2096's in MILPIDS; assured 100 % accuracy- squadrons personnel files regulated Officer Top and Bottom Line Bullets The top and bottom lines are the most important lines in block 41. - Facilitated progress of unit "Combat Dine Out"; setup/teardown/cleanup of accommodations-- 90+ personnel served NAME (Last, First, Middle Initial) NAME, GRADE, BR OF SVC, ORGN, COMMAND & LOCATION DUTY TITLE DUTY TITLE SIGNATURE DATE 2. - Expedited in overhaul of CIPS bldg; setup 6+ Support Shelves/Patch Panels; TBA task qualifications increas'd >40% UIFs; tracked/secured control rosters/article 15 actions; AFMC/JAG annual review 100% compliant, - Mature beyond rank; expertly assisted trng PERSCO team mbrs; minimized errors & increased mission readiness - Led NEO II ops; dir'd PAX flow/processing/meals & spt'd security f/3 msns--upheld foreign ties/ensured asylum f/63 - Spt'd $6.2M svc contract; escort'd 10 OCNs f/6 HQs/14 SIPR rooms--advanc'd Wg/CC#1 priority/protect prsnl/assets 1A3X1 Airborne Mission Systems. - Updated & revised CSB notification process/procedures; created tracking system--ensured 100% compliance - Directly supports four General Officers & a senior civilian; coordinates & schedules all front office activities - Promoted unit cohesion; actively mentored junior personnel/encouraged cross org interations--boosted esprit de corps - Directorate GPC cardholder; manages budget/purchasing, and maintains supply requirements for J5 directorate, - Provides personnel support to 78 units/GSUs/NAF/5 MAJCOMs servicing 5.2K Airmen across 17 locations - Led flt NCOIC retirement ceremony; ensured all venues were 100% set/ready--lauded by Flt/CC for superb job - Instrumental to BRM team; tracked all unit trng for 394 RCs/284 CORs/49 FARMs--PACAF's largest RM program - Amn whisperer; conveyed standards, renewed pride in unit and uniform, workcenter now working as a team - Implemented new travel card rqmts; coordinated 122 certifications--100% complete/beat suspense by 6 days - Seiz'd Unit CC secretary/sq exec jobs; scheduled appts/meetings, tracked cmd coord; perf's as leader/NCO rdy Bullet Tracker and Calc - New EPR version: Bullet tracker for the new EPR (AF910 & AF911) (xls) Bullet Writing Created by Brooks AFB. - Prepares, standardizes, and enforces proper governance on all incoming and outgoing official communication, Executive Assistant - Hand-picked f/new Wg A-Staff CSS; stood up 8 directorates/mng'd 60 CSS pgrms frm scratch--superb prsnl spt to 75, - ID'd Official Mail meter gap; coor'd w/A1/secur'd funded equip--$70K saved/avert'd stoppageUSAFE benchmarked, - Led RAF Digby APO SAV; ID'd 26 process deviations/trained Official Mail Manager--DoD compliant/4K customers, - Established CSS intern prgm f/postal 3F5s; trained 15 prsnl prior PCS'g--bolstered CC admin spt f/future assignments, - USAFE 3F5 SME! - Oversaw 20+ Security Clearance re-investigations--guaranteed AFCENT INFOSEC/OPSEC compliance during ops - Reviewed/revised 35 evals/22 decs/100 docs for jnt service mbrs--100% on-time rate, error free w/0 delay - Leads unit CSS, manages commander's prgms including Evals/Decorations/SDAP/Duty Status/Trusted Agent for 3 sqs - Supported higher education; attended local college improvement meeting--enabled more accessibility for Amn, - Tech School Amn Leader; as yellow rope/enforced standards/mentored/guided peers--lauded by 345 MTF/CC - Proven performer who can juggle a multitude of executive assignments and provide high level of accomplishments - Sets the example! - Spearheaded high-vis DOS rollback initiative; investigated manning/operational readiness--saved four careers, - Spearheaded Law Office Sup't retirement ceremony -- 20 yrs service properly recognizedmbr/family grateful - Managed $25k budget; focal point for RA coord, TDY availability/feasibility--reconciled civilian/mil pay issues - Mentored Amn/peers; consistently advises six Flt Amn on career outlook--exemplified supervisory/ldrship skills - Go-to DTS agent; creat'd 25 authorizations/vouchers w/5 last min fixes--0 late travel claims/saved senior ldrs 20+ hrs - Directly supports four General Officers & a senior civilian; coordinates & schedules all front office activities !" is not Be rushed to print -- take the time to write a succinct, accurate, and honest report Use "fluffy" statements with no meat behind them - Reviewed 85 evals; initiated use of Electronic Management Systems for evals--improved/streamlined process - Led UCC thru 2 ex; led 173 prsnl recall/6 PAR tms/WSA inject resp--flawless mitigation of 5 UXOs/0 WIT discreps - Enforced Federal Manager's Financial Integrity Act; validated 5 self-inspection checklists--100% MICT compliant - Reinvigorated Sq/CC innovation prgm; tm surveyed 360 pers/compiled 25 ideas f/3 initiatives--exec'd HAF #3 priority - Mg'd 348 Gp/Wg/AMC-level TMT taskings; spt'd Gp's 15K msns/122K pax/37K tons--zero missed suspenses - Enforced Air Force PII regulations; trained members on importance of protecting PII--amplified Sq's AFI adherence - Clear'd BAH issue f/8 Officers; collab'd w/HHQ, mended 5 JS-HR PAScode locations--DFAS backpaid $46K to mbr - Governed sq FARM duties; tracked 300 records/scheduled trng f/12 mbrs--enabled 100 percent record compliance, - Gp's Alt EMSEC mgr; ID'd inop host-base hub/resolved 4x taclane anomaly--fixed in <72hrsDV spt spot-on! - Brought knowledge and info back from AMC 4-star conference; updated Grp on expectations and future of AMC. Mng'd billeting for 154 personnel, 3720 rooms over RD/AT days--saved SQ $2K per year - Streamlined pt care follow-up/ref process; revamped cancer tracking tool--certified continuity of care f/43 pts - Provides management, execution and oversight of unit budget allocation and distribution of days for MSG personnel - Stand-out NCO/supervisor; mentors/motivates/dvlps young airmen/NCOs--ensur'g 5/7 lvl upgd/deployment readiness. - Handpicked NCO for OG/CC cross-talk; ID'd fixes for 6 OG issues; highlighted enlisted concerns to leadership - Directed sec incident response; conducted interviews/rpt'd findings--proposed corrective actions/updat'd trng f/24 prsnl - Regulated DDRP pgm f/Sq/CC; organized data/directed tests f/485 prsnl--certified 100% DoD compliance/0 violations - Epitomizes Air Force Core Values; takes pride in service; committed to personal, unit and organizational success - Stepped up as acting Sq FOD Ofcr, a position normally assigned to a SNCO--improved participation & reduced FOD - G-Series trusted agent for SIF/UIF/sponsors/appmnt letters/RIP/waivers/skill lvl upgrade/leave/allowances/extensions - Processed 40 TR's; 300 referral & 15 missing rpts in MilPDS/CMS; minimum errors--ensured mbr rec updated - Serves as the MSG focal point, local authority, and expert source of information for all administrative functions - Cultivated atmosphere of harmony and trust--responsible for sq-wide climate improvement; reinforced AF values, - Dedicated Amn leader; appointed lead rope during technical school--supervised eight junior ropes & 500 Amn Assessment suspenses 0%; Mentor/advisor/SA expert-hands on trng 55+ mbrs, - Subject matter expert--provided top notch DEERS guidance to coworkers--decreased research time by 75%, - Teamed w/ SFS; added Defense Biometric ID System registration station in MPS--one-stop shop for customers, - Tongue and Quill authority; trained XX personnel on memorandums-- flawless products for Sq CC/countless hours, - Tracked inaccurate reports and returned to units--preemption reduced late submissions by 50%, - Updated & revised CSB notification process/procedures; created tracking system--ensured 100% compliance, - Validated 1K dependent/15K subsistence authorizations--accurately programmed $60M/SGLI liability benefits. - Spearheaded cmd staff awards prgm; vetted all HQ staff pkgs--ensured recognition of all mil/civ personnel - Bearer of military tradition; 509 MXS/MOS/MUNS change of command set-up member--honored newest CCs As the term "Executive Officer" implies, you are the executive assistant to your Boss, and your . 3A/3D AFSC FM, TRACKED 84 CBTs/trnd 483 CFETP tasks for 20 mbrs, 2 MPTs; 100% qualified, - Oversaw EMP review; led 8 mbr tm thru HURCON checklist/secured 38 items--prevented damage to gov't property, - Implemented 1st-ever sq e-routing sys; sync'd unit tsk visibility/incr'd tsk efficiency--saves 1000+ man-hrs annually, - Drove WAPS tests; liased w/Korea TCO/prevented out-of-cycle testing--enabled on-time promo opportunity f/3 Amn, - Managed 33 prgms; prepared/updated 182 reports to CC/4 Det Chiefs--sq ldrshp abreast admin actions on 64 prsnl, - ID'd incorrect DEROS f/GSU mbr; expedited order amendment <7 days--saved mbr $3.5K/averted financial hardship. - Directly supports/advises POTUS, VPOTUS, SecAF, CSAF & CMSAF staff on sensitive close-hold personnel issues - Created and completed 219 time-sensitive CC admin actions; zero disruption in MXS daily ops--HHQ suspenses met - Great Mentor! - Maintain'd 2 SharePoints/fix'd access crisis; creat'd new gp/20 add'l external users--data shar'd across 6 locs/959 prsnl - Executed duties/responsibilities; enhanced unit effectiveness through teamwork/devotion--critical unit member Review SURF, ROP, current rating period data (LOEs/475s); determine officer's trajectory and ID any record gaps; map out next career steps and how you can help the ratee get there. I am referring this OPR to you according to AFI 36-2406, para 1.10. - Directs Reenlistments/Extensions, Personnel Reliability Program, Promotions, and Retirements/Separations - Cmd Atlantic Stripe cmte mentor; facilitated 1 wk PDS/covered 20 topics; groomed 60 NCOs/coined by USAFE/CCC - Selected for IG team as records inspector; visited 2 offices/ID'd 3 errorsprep'd/initiated fixes for compliance, - Set up forms and publications accounts for six branches--vital to efficient squadron operations! A well-written Officer Performance Report (OPR) or Enlisted Performance Report (EPR) is composed of a number of critical parts, and should paint a quantitative and qualitative picture - Furnishes units w/CC's stndrds, promotions, scheduling, & finance allocations utilizing AROWS-R/UTAPS/MilPDS Exemplifies the leadership and managerial qualities that qualify him for increased responsibilities - Attended and graduated HSA course; validated himself as a fully qualified MSC officer proficient in medical - SMC/NAF-equiv NCOQ3! let the 55th Wing executive officers know so they can resolve the issue or add the word to the list on the next update. EPR bullets are going away, service leaders announced Monday. - Mitigated pay errors for mbr; ID'd/adjusted prior svc datenarrowly met BTZ nom suspense--$2.1K in back-pay rcvd, - Mng'd UMPR; ID'd/fixed 212 errors/trn'd 8 prsnl on manning doc prcs--projected 100% accurate allocations f/MFM

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